Home Decor Tips that will get you Compliments This 2021

Home Decor Tips 2021

Moving to a new home is one of the greatest joys in life. You can enjoy purchasing new furniture, choosing new upholstery and deciding what decorations and ornaments we can add to spice up the house. But it can also be an uncertain time, especially when it comes to decoration. The struggle is real. The challenge of choosing and picking durable and decorative stuffs for your house is quiet difficult. How to maximize space while embodying a sense of personal style? How to decorate house but making sure it won’t look messy? How to achieve comfortable and happy home? Those are questions that may pop in your head and the answers are rare to find. Otherwise, the furniture, fabric and paint colors will become messy and will never cure into a comfortable whole.

By slightly planning and following the same steps taken by professional interior designers, your chances of success will be higher.

Before knowing the home decor tips that is suitable for you, first know the measurements of your house, create a floor plan, decide how you want to live or the motif you want to have for your entire house, develop your budget and then plan the phases. If this stage is done, then, you’re good to go. You can now start moving furniture and accessories to your place.

Here are the home décor tips that will get you compliments.

  • Make an impression for your front door

If you want to make a good first impression on your house, you can paint the front door with a smooth color, which is pleasant. There are various ideal colors that professionals suggest. These are red, as it is said to be a very welcoming color; orange and yellow, which evokes joy and warmth; and green, which shows refreshing vibes when one enters your house. 

One thing to remember: the old insect screen. Remove it or replace it with a windproof door with full glass, which can be turned into a screen panel.

  • Light and neutral colors for your walls

The wall on the first floor is particularly important. It should consist of colors such as beige and gray to reduce unpleasant conversions. Maximize the flexibility of your neutral wall decoration and easily switch accessories.

Wall colour is very significant because this becomes the bases for what colours to choose for the furniture (sofas, tables, chairs) and the upholstery (handmade cushion).

Similarly, if two small rooms are next to each other, painting them in the same neutral colour will make them feel larger.

  • Place your sofas and chairs good for conversations

Furniture is designed to invite people to talk in groups. When placing furniture in the living room, maintain balance and intimacy.

Ideally, there is an H-shaped conversation area in the center of two chairs or you can use the U-shaped arrangement with a sofa, table at the center, and two chairs facing each other.

One of the common mistakes to avoid is to push all the furniture against the wall. People do this because they think the room looks big, but, in fact, a room without furniture on the wall feels great.

A handmade cushion is a must for your sofa in the living room. Handmade cushion is the focal point of your sofa. This gives attention to your visitors and they will stand in awe seeing your sofa paired up with its perfect handmade cushion.

Always remember also to obtain handmade cushion that complements and supports the color and design of your sofa. Some designs you may want to have for your handmade cushions are floral, geometric pattern, pastel colors and art-inspired handmade cushions.

In addition, handmade cushions come in many different fabrics so make sure you choose the right fabrics that are durable and safe to use.

  • Choose furniture that reflects your personality

Choose specific furniture (sofas, tables, chairs) to arrange your work space based on floor plans. Depending on the mood you want, you can move them in completely different directions and positions.

According to experience, even in casual spaces and formal spaces, the number of dining chairs needs to almost match the number of rest areas. It is an old fact but is reliable tip up until today. If you plan to sit 6 people in the dining room, then your living room must have 6 seats as well.

  • Add mirror in each room

Accordingly, because the mirror reflects light around the room, it makes the room feel bright. With this being said, you need to have a mirror on the wall perpendicular to the window instead of directly across to them. Hanging the mirror over the window will actually cause light to shoot out of the window.

  • Good lighting is a must

All rooms need 3 types of lighting. Ambient, task and accent. Ambient provides overall lighting while task is often seen in the kitchen island and reading corner. On the other hand, accent highlights the artwork and makes it more decorative.

In the living room, you need at least 3 watts per square foot. Additionally, placing a canister uplight in the corner will make the ceiling glow and the room will look bigger.

  • Add rugs or carpets

Add rugs for visual and textual comfort. A floor without rugs is naked.

There are three general strategies for this.

Carpet in the room- place a carpet that covers almost the entire floor of the room and leave a border around the edges, or only 1-2 feet. This usually works best in small rooms.

Seat cushion carpets- are used to visually combine each set of furniture to divide a large room into several seating areas. Alternatively, in open spaces, carpet can be used to secure the living room and place the dining area directly on the wooden floor.

Layered carpet- stacking small carpets on top of large carpets improves visual effects while improving spatial layout.

The last part of decorating your home is to add more accessories and ornaments. However, there is no one-size-fits-all rule in this part. If you are observing a minimalist approach then, have accessories that will maintain your motif. On the other hand, if you choose to over-express, then select accessories and ornaments that will display sophistication and elegance. Be sure to accommodate your needs. Yorkshire Fabric Shop is the place you are looking for if you are planning to purchase high-quality fabrics for your upholstery, just like your handmade cushions. They offer the best fabric in town!

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