How to Choose the Right Sunglasses for Men

sunglasses for men

When it comes to men’s fashion, sunglasses are one of the most iconic accessories to ever make the cut. They are practically an essential part of any daytime wardrobe and having one certainly helps elevate your style. However, it is also important that you choose the right style that suits your face. Sometimes you may be wearing the perfect outfit, but the wrong sunglasses will steal the attention away and make you look awkward. You do not want to be in that position after putting in so much effort getting ready. That is why it is important that you make your decisions wisely and choose a pair that does your look justice. The following guide will provide you with the best options for most common face types.

As for buying the actual pair, we highly recommend that you choose a good brand for your shopping. Branded glasses are always a better option since they are made using the science behind facial features. They also make you look good since a good tag goes a long way. We recommend trying out glasses from multiple brands before making your decision and there is no better place to do that than Bloomingdales. Not only do they have an extensive collection of men’s sunglasses, you can also score some great discounts by using a Bloomingdale’sUAE promo code.

Round Face

If you are someone with a long face, your face has equal length and width with soft features. Your jawline is also rounded off. On a face like that, the thing that is missing is edges. There is a general lack of definition and the perfect sunglasses would bring exactly that to the look. Glasses with an angular design will be a great match for such a face as they will bring that missing definition. Choosing a strong color is also important as the depth of color also brings a contrast that works well against the fullness of the face.

One thing that you must stay absolutely clear of is round sunglasses. They will simply vanish in your face and show no real impact. You can find a great variety of options for round faces at Bloomingdales from multiple brands. Be sure to use you bloomingdales UAE promo code to get your pair for a great price.

Heart-Shaped Face

With this shape we are looking at a face that has a large and broad forehead and the bottom of the face is thin and tapered with an almost pointed chin. What you need to do in such a situation is bring something light and metallic. You can also opt for plastic sunglasses that have broad bottoms. A classic style for counteracting the features of a heart-shaped face is the aviators. They work great on this face and bring the perfect balance to your facial features. Do make sure that you choose something with a light or medium color as dark or black glasses can create a noticeable division in the face line. Bloomingdales offers aviators and other options for heart-shaped faces that you will absolutely love! To buy your pair for a cheaper price, use a bloomingdales UAE promo code during checkout.

Oval-Shaped Face

For the most part, you could get away with several different styles of sunglasses with an oval face. As an overall look, oval-shaped faces have quite a balanced set of features. However, they are still long, and you need to counteract that by adding a little more width to the face. You could go for teardrop style pairs that have a bit of squareness to them. Alternatively, aviators also look great on this face type and their oversized lens counteracts the effect of length quite well. Going for something too angular like rectangular sunglasses can amplify the effect so it is best to avoid them. Find the perfect pair for this type of face at Bloomingdales and be sure to use your bloomingdales UAE promo code for amazing discounts.

Square-Shaped Face

This is a face that has a lot of definition with strong jawlines and well-defined facial features. The forehead is also broad and adds to the defined lines of the face. To counteract this look, you need to go for something round. Any sunglasses that have a teardrop style lens or round lens would work great with this face shape. The point is to make the face look softer and reduce the intensity of defined features. Metal frames work great with this face and you can also choose single colour frames as they provide a flattering effect. Nothing defined will work like angular glasses with square or rectangular frames. They will make the head look short and pronounce the face angles too much. There are some amazing metallic frames with round and teardrop style lenses at Bloomingdales. You can easily find something that you enjoy, and it would not cost a fortune either if you use a Bloomingdales UAE promo code.

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