10 Best Video Editing Software Available for Free

best video editing software free

If you thought that video editing is only for professionals then its time you reconsider. Take a look at these top 10 software that will make video and media editing a child’s play.

Sony Vegas Video

This video editing software is mainly used by professionals. It’s not completely free but its trial version is available for free. This is a complete software that lets you edit videos and will also let you add special effects to it.

Pinnacle Video Spin

This is one of the best video editing software that has almost every feature you expect in video editing software. Its full version can be downloaded for free. It has a user-friendly interface which makes editing video clips very easy. It’s suited for home users as well as professionals. It lets you create video presentations easily while editing them at the same time and adding sound effects and background music Computers Business Names Ideas


Blender is one of the best video editing software available on the web. It allows users to edit and modify animated videos. Basically, it is a free and open source 3D film making suite that can work in all major OS such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Free BSD etc. this software lets users create and edit animated films and add visual and sound effects to them.


This is a popular video editing software owing to its features and simple and user friendly interface. It is a powerful software that can be downloaded for free.


This software is available for free and is one of the most downloaded software. Its full version can be downloaded free of cost. Wax is a high performance and powerful software that supports video editing in addition to adding visual and sound effects.

Movie Storm

This is an effective and powerful software that lets you create 3D movies and add animations with special 3D effects and sound effects. This is a good software in terms of its interface which is game styled.

ZS4 Video Editor

This is an effective software when it comes to editing video clips. ZS4 Video Editor runs in all major operating systems such as
Windows, Mac and Linux. It is one of the most used software that allows media editing such as videos, audios and images.


In case you are looking for the best tool to edit your audio and video files, then Jashaka could be the software for you. Its full version can be downloaded free of cost and is suited for professionals as well for domestic users.


This software is suited for Windows and can be downloaded for free. It can be used for domestic as well as professionals purposes. It has some of the unique features and lots of desktop shortcuts.

VideoPad Video Editor

It’s simple and popular! This supports many multimedia formats with some unique and visual effects. This is a great free movie editing software which has simple and user friendly interface.
Take your pick and your video will be edited/ animated before you know it!

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